Design guidelines for hands-free speech interaction

Conference paper

Christine Murad, Cosmin Munteanu, L. Clark, Benjamin R. Cowan
MobileHCI Adjunct, 2018

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Murad, C., Munteanu, C., Clark, L., & Cowan, B. R. (2018). Design guidelines for hands-free speech interaction. In MobileHCI Adjunct.

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Murad, Christine, Cosmin Munteanu, L. Clark, and Benjamin R. Cowan. “Design Guidelines for Hands-Free Speech Interaction.” In MobileHCI Adjunct, 2018.

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Murad, Christine, et al. “Design Guidelines for Hands-Free Speech Interaction.” MobileHCI Adjunct, 2018.

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As research on speech interfaces continues to grow in the field of HCI, there is a need to develop design guidelines that help solve usability and learnability issues that exist in hands-free speech interfaces. While several sets of established guidelines for GUIs exist, an equivalent set of principles for speech interfaces does not exist. This is critical as speech interfaces are so widely used in a mobile context, which in itself evolved with respect to design guidelines as the field matured. We explore design guidelines for GUIs and analyze how these are applicable to speech interfaces. For this we identified 21 papers that reflect on the challenges of designing (predominantly mobile) voice interfaces. We present an investigation of how GUI design principles apply to such hands-free interfaces. We discuss how this can serve as the foundation for a taxonomy of design guidelines for hands-free speech interfaces.