At the University of Toronto, I was a teaching assistant for many courses across the Department of Computer Science at the downtown St. George Campus, and the ICCIT department at the Mississauga Campus, from 2014 - 2023. 

I currently am an instructor for SYDE542: Interface Design, in the Systems Design Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo.

Course Instructor

SYDE542: Interface Design

University of Waterloo

Winter 2024 (1 appointment)

Teaching Assistant

CSC108: Introduction to Computer Programming

University of Toronto

Fall 2014; Winter 2023 (2 appointments - Teaching Assistant)

CSC110: Foundations of Computer Science I

University of Toronto

Winter 2021 (1 Appointment - Teaching Assistant); Fall 2023 (1 Appointment - Lead TA)

CSC148: Introduction to Computer Science

University of Toronto

Winter 2015 - Fall 2019 (6 Appointments - Teaching Assistant) ; Summer 2019 (1 appointment - Assignment & Course Work Preparation); Winter 2020 (1 appointment - Lead Assignment TA)

CSC197: What, Who, How: Privacy in the Age of Big Data Collection

University of Toronto

Fall 2022 (1 Appointment - Teaching Assistant)

CSC209: Systems Tools and Software Programming

University of Toronto

Winter 2017 (1 appointment - Teaching Assistant)

CSC318: The Design of Interactive Computational Media

University of Toronto

Winter 2018 - Fall 2019 (2 appointments - Teaching Assistant)

CCT380: Human-Computer Interaction and Communication

University of Toronto Mississauga

Winter 2019- Fall 2019 (3 appointments - Teaching Assistant); Fall 2020; Fall 2021 (2 appointments - Head TA)

CSC404: Introduction to Video Game Design

University of Toronto

Winter 2023 (1 appointment - Teaching Assistant)